Art Projects


 Fundacion Eterno, J.G. Emanstraat 92, Oranjestad.

Fundacion Eterno is a foundation established in 1996. The foundation main purpose is to make Contemporary Art visible National and international and to be a bridge in been local, regional and international cultural ideas and concepts. One of the main projects of Fundacion Eterno was Eterno Studio Gallery, J.G. Emanstrtraat 92, Oranjestad Aruba. The first Contemporary conceptual Art gallery /alternative space in centrum of Oranjestad, Aruba. It was Founded and financed by Osaira Muyale and managed by Osaira Muyale and Renwick Heronimo and in collaboration with local contemporary artists, art curators and art lovers.

Eterno was conceived to promote contemporary art and artists on the island of Aruba and within the greater Dutch Antilles region. From the moment of its inception, ETERNO served as a significant link between the local and international artists. Eterno has filled a tremendous cultural gap between the island and Europe. It served as an alternative contemporary arts center for the artwork to be presented without censorship. Eterno supported and nourished artistic freedom, imagination and innovation.* Strategic Objectives In its 8-year history, Eterno had been an organization of ideas. In the dawn of a new century, Eterno is well known within the region and was continuously being recognized in the international art scene. Currently, the future advancement and cultural development of the island rests greatly on the shoulders of those artists living, teaching and working on the island. After all, a society is known and appreciated most by its progress in the arts and culture. The Galerie’s efforts to this end have enriched the lives of those artists in Aruba and touched the lives of many. The presence of an arts entity such as Eterno had endorsed Aruba’s commitment to the arts, cultural development and place Aruba within a distinct group of destinations. Eterno has proven its value, validity and authority on the contemporary arts in Aruba. For years it provided a space for statement. This; cannot be measured in a simply way, it can only be supported. After all, a society that supports its creators and innovators is a one that is destined to advance and succeed as a whole. As a result, the working artists of the island took the initiative in creating Eterno Contemporary Arts in 1993 to serve as a venue for exhibiting contemporary visual and performance arts by local and international artists. During the last 8 years, Eterno functioned as a pillar for the artists to lean on and an immense resource for art historians, art critics for research and for the general public to learn about the arts. In a sense, Eterno became an irreplaceable motif of the cultural mosaic of the island. At Eterno, the new ideas are nurtured. The artists that have exhibited at the space have shown their works in international biennials and in solo and group exhibitions. In the year 2000, Eterno held a symposium for 4 days during which two different curators and museum administrators were invited to hold lectures and workshops. During open discussions, the subject matter ranged from architecture and museum.

Curatorial collaboration
Aruba; Renwick Heronimo, Dr. Adi Martis, Elvis Lopez, Glenda Hyliger, Ryan Oduber, Evelino Fingal, Angelo Tromp, Ana Maria Hernandez
Cuba; Dr.Jose Manuel Noceda Fernandez, Dr. Yolanda Wood
Curacao; Jennifer Smith
Holland; Gijs Stork, Joost Vrieler, Mayke Jongsma, Hester Alberdingk Thijm, Thomas Mejier Zu Schlochteren, Rob Perree, Sasha Dees, Ozkan Golpinar
USA; Maria Elena Ortis, Laura Roulet, Rocio Aranda Alvarado, Elvis Fuentes
Costa Rica; Virginia Perez Raton, Tamara Diaz Bringas
Spain; Antonio Zaya, Ma Maria LLuisa Borras
Santo Domingo; Marianne de Tolentino, Sara Hermann
Venezuela; Jimmy Yanez, Luis Gomez R, Ricardo Benaim, Lourdes Peñaranda,  Rosher Acevedo Ocando, Juan David Bracho Rios
Trinidad; Christopher Cozier, Charlotte Elias
Barbados; Holly Bynoe, Annelee Davis
Nepa; Sangeeta Thapa
England; Triangle Trust Robert Loder and Sir Anthony Caro, Sonia Boyce, Goshka Macuga, Martin Davidson, Peter Hewitt
China; Lijiang Yunnan Province/Artists links,Ye Yong Qing and Xu Zhongmin
Lebanon; Rani,el Raij, Nauta, Pascale Hares, Joe Mounzer, Lilet Breddels.

Art Projects 1995-2003
1995 Solo expoisition Osaira Muyale”‘Mystery of the Soul” at Galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba, curated by Gijs Stork and Hester Alberdingk Thijm en Renwick Heronimo and Osaira Muyale Boek sponsored by Stichting Artimo and Posters by Unoca.
1996 Group expo encuentro young Artists, Amsterdam Manor Resort, curated by Renwick Heronimo , catalogue sponsored by Aruba Bank and Fe1997 Group exposition “Invasion” Cas di Cultura, curated by Renwick Heronimo1997 Solo exposition ‘el silencio‘ international invitation Biennale Cuba .Participation Osaira Muyale ,Cuban art curator Jose Manuel Noceda Fernandez and Dutch curator Gijs Stork .Invitation by Institute of Culture Director Evelino Fingal and curator Elvis Lopez. Catalogue sponsored by IDCA and Aruba Bank1998 Invitation Dr Dimitry Halley,” Lecture Art & Society, at Eterno Studio Gallery Oranjestad Aruba
1998 Invitation Curator Chris Cozier, Trinidad,Lecture, at Galleria Eterno,Oranjestad Aruba
1998 Invitation Butoh curator Norma Di Primo, Argentina,at Galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba
1999 Invitation artist Diego Bravo ,Ecuador, solo exposition at Galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba
2000 Invitation Luis Paris III,documentation 50 years at 50 feet, Exposition at Galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba.Cataloque sponsored by Aruba Bank
2000 Invitation artist Remy Jungerman,Holland,expo ‘Flattened toad Force’ Exposition at Galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba
2000 Invitation artist Harald Vlugt. Exposition “Hopi druk” at Galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba
2000 Invitation Curator Kevin Power,England , lecture on “British Contemporary Art at Galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba
2000 Invitation curator Elvine Topac New york, Lecture on, “American Modern Art” at Galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba
2000 Invitation Journalist Arjan Stada, Curacao, document on “Watamula” int’l artist workshop at galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba
2000 Invitation Artist Ida Lohman,Holland,exposition “laterna Magica”exposition at galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba
2001 Participation Aruban Art at Arco Art fair, Madrid Spain, representing Galleria Eterno Aruba
2001 Invitation 10 young artist and graphic designers ,Exposition “trouble Shooting” curated by Renwick Heronimo at galleria Eterno Oranjestad
2001 Invitation Artist Susanne de Graaf,Holland.Expostion “zeemeermin” curated by Renwick Heronimo at Galleria Eterno Oranjestad Aruba
2002  Neon Text installation project ‘ Only Beautiful Words ‘at Lg.Smith Blvd 30  “I always thought that every one is the same’sponsered by GEN AIR


Fundacion Eterno, Stadionweg 23 Oranjestad.
Art Projects 2003-2020

2003 Opening studio Osaira Muyale at Stadionweg 23,Oranjestad
2003 International invitation Osaira Muyale ,at China – “Yunnan” by and sponsored Triangle Trust Robert Loder and Sir Anthony Caro
2004 Project Invitation Artist Osaira Muyale ,Aruba,South end Gallery San Nicolas Aruba , curated by Gilbert Senchie
2005 Invitation project documentary film “translator” Community work in Las Piedras Venezuela, sponsored by Gen Air
2005 Invitation project Non Ego red Dress, community work, Aruba
2005 Project Neon Text installation.The Art work installation is part of an ongoing project ‘ Only Beautiful words ‘2002
L.G.Smith Blvd 152.I ‘count my blessings’ supported by Gen Air
2006 Invitation collaboration assistant project Sinfa, director Glenda Heyliger,San Nicolas Foundation for the Arts
2007 Solo exposition “ welkomme to fruchtenland ; Osaira Muyale at StudiO Oranjestad Aruba
2008 Collaboration mat Sve Tv Ryan Oduber ,project kunstwerver Emerald Beryl at StudiO Oranjestad Aruba
2008 Preparation project
2011-2015 Solo exposition ‘ Paradise Park , Osaira Muyale at StudiO Oranjestad Aruba
2015 Project new website designed by Dwayne Heronimo
2015 Project new website designed by Dwayne Heronimo
2015-2016 Project, Art in public space ‘Paardenbaai. Sponsored by Government of Aruba, ATA, Unoca, Mondriaan Funds, GenAir
2016 Website sponsered by Tiara Air Alejandro Muyale, designed by Dwayne Heronimo
2016 Book Paradise Park sponsored by Gen Air and Unoca.
designed by Creacom Elton Arends and Curator Renwick Heronimo. Text and pictures by curator Renwick Heronimo
2016 Book Paardenbaai sponsored by Unoca, PBCF,Gen Air. Production by Osaira Muyale, designed by Creacom
Curator Renwick Heronimo. Text and pictures by curator Renwick Heronimo
2016 Installation ‘the Bleau Garden’ – independent collaboration with Aruba Art fair San Nicolas Aruba, sponsored by Gen Air N.V.
2017 Create Foundation Paardenbaai Aruba and Foundation MAMA-Modern Art Museum Aruba,sponsered by GenAir
2018 Solo exposition” a Dutch woman’- ‘a sea of dreams’ Antiguo Templo de San Isidro La Sabana de Maracaibo,
(23-30 May 2018) curated by Rosher Acevedo Ocando,Soyde Bastidos Brito, Juan D Bracho R,
2017-2018 Exposition ‘Mare Nostrum’- ‘a sea of dreams‘ Maczul Museo  Arte Contemporaneo Zulia, Maracaibo Venezuela (28 October2017-28 May 2018), sponsered by Mondriaan Funds, Unoca, Gen Air.
2017-2020 project Paradise Park at studio osaira muyale, stadionweg 23,Oranjestad Aruba, sponsered by GEN AIR, Unoca, PBCF.